Boarding & Hostel

A typical week-day in the hostel begins with the morning rising at 5 for morning-prayer followed by light morning duties at 5:30. Preparation for school begins at 6 while breakfast is taken at 7. A brief inspection precedes departure for school at 7:20 am. Hostel life resumes at 5:30pm with the evening exercise, dinner at 7, “prep” at 7:30 and lights out at 10 pm.

Saturday activities are more relaxed and spiced with a fortnightly social night. The annual Hostel Party is a big event that all “Hostelites” look forward for. The Sunday worship at places of worship in the neighbourhood is complemented with a joint fellowship at 5pm. While housemasters and housemistresses are around to address day to day issues, the weekly interaction with the directors guarantees a free atmosphere for airing views and opinions as well as complaints that still demand their attention. However, the directors are always available to attend to crucial and urgent cases that require immediate attention.

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