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Welcome to GOF International Schools, where we create conducive, supportive and inspirational environment for learning that helps students become the best version of themselves. We are doggedly passionate about the total child, which means we achieve way more than just great grades. Our goal is to help each student become confident and creative.



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Our vision at GOF International School is to be a beacon of educational excellence, recognized nationally and internationally for our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society. We aspire to create a dynamic learning community that celebrates diversity, embraces innovation, and encourages lifelong learning. With a focus on academic rigour, character development, and global awareness, we envision our students becoming leaders and influencers in their chosen fields, making meaningful contributions to the advancement of their communities and the world at large.

Our Mission Statement

GOF International School is dedicated to fostering a holistic and enriching educational experience that empowers students to achieve academic excellence, embrace diverse perspectives, and cultivate values that promote global citizenship. We are committed to providing a nurturing and innovative learning environment that inspires creativity, critical thinking, and social responsibility. Through collaboration with parents, staff, and the community, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.



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The Story Behind GOF

For about 40 years, GOF International Schools have accelerated students' success through our innovative Total Care Education System. Our students excel academically and develop strong character for a lifetime of success. We bring peace of mind to thousands of parents worldwide, who trust GOF International Schools to keep their children holistically educated and safe.


How time flies! What is now GOF International Schools started as the brainchild of a young Olowe Family and little did they know that the then vision would skyrocket to becoming today’s iconic prototype of greatness. A thorough observation of the core values and vision behind the establishment of the school shows profound concern on the part of the school visionaries, for the provision and maintenance of quality education for future leaders and importantly, a measure towards producing indefatigable human resources that would run the affairs of our society in future.

Going down memory lane, we see that the present-day famous and prolific citadel of learning, GOF International School started as GOF Nursery and Primary Institute in the ancient town of Ejigbo, in the Old Oyo state and was officially declared open by the Ogiyan of Ejigboland, Oba Omowonuola Oyeyode Oyesosin II on the 6th of January, 1986. Initially, the school occupied an eight-room ground floor of a story building at its temporary site but as time went by, the growing population of the pupils and the encouraging attitude of parents led to the relocation of the school to her permanent site. So, on the 14th of August 1987, a year and seven months after her birth, the school moved to her permanent site on a 2.47 hectares of land situated at Km2, Ola Road, Ejigbo. This is a remarkable height by all standards and the school has continued to tap into the futuristic instinct behind her establishment. This futuristic instinct coupled with the school management’s zeal to provide world-class education as well as the need for continuity and sustenance of the standard that the pupils enjoyed in the primary school led to the establishment of the then GOF PRIVATE SECONDARY SCHOOL, a decade after the inception of the lower institution. The GOF Private Secondary School is now the present-day GOF International College, Ejigbo.

The college vision officially saw the light of the day on the 14th of December, 1995 when a team of inspectors of education came to the school for inspection and certification. The school management having satisfied the necessary requirements of the Ministry of Education in terms of infrastructure, records and other facilities proved beyond every form of doubt that the school was more than ready to provide secondary education. Consequently, the team of inspectors in recognition of the school management’s determination and zeal to provide quality college education recommended the school for approval as evident in the arrival of the provisional letter of approval from the Ministry of Education fifteen days after the inspection. The school already known for her ever-progressive instinct swung into action immediately by conducting a Common Entrance examination on the 31″ of January 1996 which led to the admission of twenty-three students who passed the examination and qualified for admission.

With the admitted twenty-three students. GOF Private Secondary School officially took off. another great height attained. However, all these lofty accomplishments on the part of the school wouldn’t have been easy without the undying love and unflinching and kind encouragement of certain individuals such as Dr. Wole Odutolu, Late Mr. Femi Osunro (the then sole Administrator of the Local Government Area), Late Chief (Dn.) S.A Ajani, Late Mr. Obafemi Saba, Late Alhaji Rauf Omotoso, and Late Mr. E.O. Oderinu, the then Manager of the Ogiyan Community Bank, Ejigbo, to mention but a few. Also, the story of GOF Schools, Ejigbo would not be complete without a special mention of the pivotal role played by the late lyalaje of Ejigboland, Alhaja (Chief) Alimotu Jolaiya, who stood staunchly behind the young founders and whose unshaken motherly support served as a great defence against oppositions and storms. She was indeed an angel on assignment. May her peace-loving and brave soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

Just when others would have preferred to rest on their oars basking in the euphoria of the success story of GOF Nursery and Primary School and GOF Private Secondary School, Ejigbo, the futurist and progressive instinct in the management came into bare again and this saw to the projection and propagation of GOF’s academic gospel to the far West African Country of Cote d’Ivoire in 1999 starting with forty students and four teachers at Adjame.

Over the years, GOF International School Cote d’Ivoire has been blazing the trail by producing balanced students who secure admission into various prolific higher institutions within and outside the African continent. After 12 years of hustling from one temporary side to another, the school moved to its permanent site at Yopougon, Ancien Bell-Air in August 2010 and became fully operational on Thursday first of September 2011 after closing down its temporary site at Williamsville.

In September 2000, GOF International Schools Osogbo came into being. At inception, it was accommodated in a four-story building at Onward Estate, along Osogbo-Gbongan Road before relocating to her permanent site within the same vicinity with Creche, Nursery, Primary and Secondary classes, and today is the administrative headquarters of GOF International Schools, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire.